Bengal Group Services

Identification of New products & suppliers

  • Sampling of Merchandise to specifications.
  • Negotiating the best prices from reputed suppliers.
  • Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to Factories.
  • Labour practices and safety laws.
  • Regular production updates to the buyer & Product Analysis
  • On line Quality control and follow up
  • Technical support
  • Raw material procurement support
  • Final inspection before shipment
  • Laboratory test of Product @ ITS/SGS/MTL based on buyer requirement and assist for commercial acceptance.
  • Shipment coordination
  • Export documentation and administrative coordination

We assume responsibility of the whole process after receiving an order from our buyer and deliver a quality package to the buyer taking responsibility of quality, on time delivery and service aspects.

Inspection Services

We do Garments Quality Assurance (QA) services from deferent stages (from production to shipment) for our customers. The label of inspection are take place in the following 3 phases. 

  1. Initial Production Check (IPC)
  2. During Production Check (DUPRO)
  3. Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Initial Production Check (IPC)

We do inspection at the early stage of production, when first match of articles has been produced in order to ensure conformity to basic product specifications.

Deviations are notified for correction. If deviations are difficult to describe in writing and their acceptance/ rejection depend on subjective evaluation representative samples (s) should be sent urgently to the clients for their decision.

If laboratory tests are required, tests samples are drawn as early as possible provided they fairly are said to representative of the production batch preceding or following sample drawing.

Quality inspections for this stage:


  1. Lab testing for quality and performance
  2. Fabrics and findings
  3. Design prototypes
  4. Product assemblies and components
  5. Conformance to specifications
  6. Evaluations of customer requests

During Production Check (DUPRO)

Mid – Inspection to ascertain that initial discrepancies have been rectified and to check the average quality standard of the available production. At this stage finished products shall be checked against buyers’ specification and prototype sample, Deviations shall be indentified and brought out for correction. Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standards of production runs.

At this stage of inspection involves:


  1. To determine whether products have been made according to specifications / if meet standards / if products are acceptable.
  2. 100% inspection of finished goods
  3. Statistical quality control
  4. Proportion and type of defects in the total production lot.
  5. We uses acceptance sampling based on sampling plans (single, double, and multiple).
  6. Monitoring the garment assembly process.
  7. Finished garment evaluation
  8. Mill flaw and general repair. Make a separate log for sampling and identify inefficient operators. Verbal, written and then termination of operators shall be followed in failing to prove their quality of workmanships.

Final random inspection (FRI)

At his stage, random inspection is carried out when the total 90% consignment is packed and ready for shipment. Inspection is performed according to the international inspection standards. The detailed physical inspection of the sample selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it covers the criteria such as design/style, accessories, measurements, packing etc. The quality checks for FRI are as follow:

The quality checks for FRI are as follow:

  1. Quality assurance while goods are stored at plants, and distribution centers.
  2. Quality audits to determine the defect level of the output.
  3. Auditing, monitoring, and reporting quality of finished goods, packing, and shipping in distribution centers.
  4. Analysis of returned merchandise by customers.

Status reporting during IPC, DUPRO, FRI

As part of the above stages (IPC/ DUPRO/ FRI) the execution of the order according to the delivery schedule will be monitored and the client will be advised problems through formal reporting.
Based on the contractual delivery date the inspections are being scheduled provisionally upon reception of the inspection order. Reporting of delays anticipated is an integral part of our full service and is important to client.

Bengal Quality Policy

  • We are committed to supply high quality inspection services that totally satisfy the agreed contractual requirements of its customers every time.
    Our MISSION is to meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations and protect their rights.
  • We provide training, education and financial support to its employees to continually improve their performance.
  • Quality Management System is under regular review and audit. All employees are invited to suggest possible improvements in working practice to the Management.
  • Inspections and Services provided by us shall be performed according to the requirements of international Quality Standards, and to meet regulatory requirements. Management’s responsibility is to provide direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with these requirements.
  • We do participate in an exchange of experience with other inspection bodies and in standardization processes.
  • We do not have any commercial, financial or industrial interests that might affect its independence.

Special attention into stocks lots/leftover/surplus/access & cancelled apparels. Any interested buyers could contact us with their requirement. We are sure we would be your dreamer.